Thursday, 14 January 2016

Will the third generation of Fire HDX tablets get Fire OS 5?

Recently Amazon sent a letter to owners of the third generation of HDX tablets, confirming an upgrade to Fire OS 5 in the coming weeks. Amazon later emailed that this letter was an error, with apologies for any confusion. I primarily use the third generation Fire HDX 8.9 and having also used Fire OS 5, with the Fire 7, I was pleased to read the mistaken letter of an upcoming upgrade (Fire OS 5 is an extensive update to Fire OS 4.5.5 that is currently used with third and fourth generation devices). Disappointedly, further feedback from Amazon indicated third generation devices would not receive the upgrade. I contacted Amazon, querying if indeed there will be an eventual upgrade for third generation devices and the answer was in the affirmative:
I'm sorry to learn about the trouble with the message you received regarding the Fire OS 5. Unfortunately, this message was sent to your device in error. I’m very sorry for any confusion caused. Your tablet ( 3rd generation) will be updated to Fire OS 5 soon. We are not able to provide a specific date right now. Once our Engineer's make Fire OS 5 available for 3rd generation devices, you'll be sent an update via email
It may be speculated that the confusion might be due to the process of porting Fire OS 5 still being in the developmental stage, at the moment, with engineers working on the update for the fourth-generation devices, let alone third generation ones. If the third generation devices are not receiving the upgrade then it might be due the cost of testing and development. I do not think it is an issue of pushing users to purchase current Fire tablets, as Amazon is focused on selling content and it is also not likely many users will downgrade to inferior hardware with the current generation.

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