Thursday, 20 October 2016

UK NOOK customers transferred to Kobo

Kobo will receive Barnes & Noble’s previous UK Nook customers. It is a strange turn of events initiated by the closure of Barnes & Noble Nook outside the US and the transfer of its UK user-base to Sainsbury’s (Sainsbury’s sold Nook e-readers, tablets and accessories when they entered the UK). Now Sainsbury’s are closing their own e-book services and transferring their customers, including previous Nook UK users, to Kobo!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Series on free and open access stuff

There is a lot of free and open access stuff to meet your digital needs. I'll set a series of posts on this topic that will include, for example, open access fonts for your e-reader, e-reading management software to e-book repositories. While the focus will be on e-reading needs, it will branch out to other areas too.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

HP introduces a stand-out entry-level laptop

HP released the 2016 update to its entry-level laptop series (HP Stream series). Finally, HP introduced the right specifications that makes this device - on paper - a stand-out choice for the entry-level category. With a slightly bumped up processor (Intel Celeron N3060) and more importantly 4GB RAM, the user should get a significant performance enhancement. I never thought 2GB RAM was the right compromise, even for this category. It is understandable to go for a mobile class processor, considering the use-case scenario, but RAM should be sufficient to allow for adequate multi-tasking and a richer web browsing experience. Surprisingly, the device’s retail price remains the same with the RAM upgrade. It will be interesting to see how DELL, Asus, Acer and Lenovo respond with their own entry laptops.

Problems with the Kobo Aura One cover?

There are some reports of problems with the Kobo Aura One’s official cover - specifically, some covers fail to put the device to sleep when closed. Kobo decided to put the power button on the back, so it is difficult to find a universal case that is compatible with the device. However, some iPad Mini cases work with the Aura One. Two features identify these compatible cases - first, is the use of elastic bands or flexible bands that holds the device (most iPad Mini cases come with a form fitting hard plastic casing). Second, a large hole at the back for the camera.

The Kobo Aura One is similar to the iPad Mini’s dimensions and, due to this, flexible elastic bands should work with the device. Further, as the device’s power button is placed on the upper left of the device, it matches the location of the iPad Mini’s camera and so it is possible to access the power button. As an example, I’ve found Belkin’s ‘Smooth Bi-Fold Case for iPad Mini’ to be compatible with the Kobo Aura One.