Sunday, 18 December 2016

Kindle quirks continued

I previously posted about the strange software quirk that extends reading settings from one document to another. For example, reading a PDF in landscape means the next e-book you open will be rendered in landscape mode too.

In this post I wish to note the strange decision to prevent users from deleting their personal documents from the cloud via a Kindle or Fire tablets running Fire OS 5 (I managed to delete from the cloud with a Fire HDX (late 2013 release)). However, it is possible to remove Amazon content from the cloud on Amazon devices. To manage your cloud documents you need to login to your Amazon account via ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Open access resources (1) - Adapting fonts for E-Ink

This is the first post in a series of posts on open-access resources to meet different e-reading needs. I wish to dedicate the first post to fonts. Previously I posted about problems in rendering fonts for E-Ink. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the weighting of the font for better legibility. Thus even if a font is readily available, it might need some adaptation to work with an E-Ink display. A good option is to first adapt your selected font for E-Ink through 'FontForge' (an open source font editor). I found increasing a font's weight by an increment of ten works best.

If you are looking for a repository of open access fonts then Google Fonts is the best option. The Font Library, The League of Movable Type and Font Squirrel are other useful repositories. Below is a selection of fonts that I prefer:
  1. Linux Libertine
  2. Libre Baskerville
  3. Vollkorn 
  4. Volkhov
  5. Literata
  6. Merriweather 
  7. League Spartan
  8. Droid Serif
Side-loading fonts is supported with Kobo and Android e-readers. With the Kindle, however, it is more difficult and requires the use of Calibre (an e-book management software).