Sunday, 30 July 2017

Re-branded Onyx Boox N96 available on Indiegogo

An Australian company (cOmpanion) announced an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to release a re-branded Onyx Boox N96 (the version with no front-light) e-reader (the device is named nextPaper); a 'prototype' may be purchased for $280 (I would expect the official production unit to be priced over $300). The device comes with a 9.7" 1280 X 825 E-Ink Pearl screen and a dpi just over 150. Of course, the display specifications are underwhelming. Also, cOmpanion advertise that the device is cross-platform and allows the user to access Kobo, Nook and Amazon e-books. Technically this is correct but these are essentially Android applications designed for tablets and are unusable on e-readers.

Onyx produce different devices that aim to maximise on the potential use-case scenarios for E-Ink. Similar to reMarkable's 10.5" note taking e-reader - priced at $480 - there is Onyx's soon to be released Onyx Boox e-Note 10.3". Further, Onyx announced a 13.3" inch note-taking e-reader, an E-Ink laptop/typewriter and an E-Ink Carta refresh of their 9.7" N96 e-reader.

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