Sunday, 29 October 2017

Kindle special offers

Amazon sell their e-readers and Fire tablets with and without special offers. Special offers, in the case of Fire tablets, are not intrusive. Tablets are multi-functional devices and the special offers that appear on the lock-screen do not intrude on the user accessing their applications. Kindle e-readers, in contrast, are single purpose devices and turning on the device means returning to an e-book (the device shouldn't get in the way of its single purpose i.e. reading). Special offers appearing on the sleep screen means the user needs to turn on the device and then swipe to bypass the advertisement to then return to an e-book. Even worse Amazon imposes an advertisement banner at the bottom of the screen when navigating the Kindle. With the restricted screen estate of a 6 - 7 inch Kindle e-reader this is a nuisance.  Special offers displayed on e-readers, in my view, are an imposition and should be removed altogether. A possible alternative might be to place a designated permanent icon to access special offers in the top tool bar (similar to the GoodReads icon).

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