Thursday, 21 December 2017

Kindle Oasis 2 accessories

If you wish to use a case for the Kindle Oasis then a third party cover/sleeve is necessary since Amazon withdrew their official version. So far, options are limited. Below is a short list of alternative accessories:
  • Moko specialize in Kindle e-reader and Fire tablet accessories. The Moko case does cover the Oasis completely, unlike the official Amazon case, but does not provide a flat reading surface when open. The case is not perfect and the quality does not compare to Amazon's official covers but, so far, it is the best option. I use the 'Almond Blossoms' Moko case and the painting's print quality is good. Another issue is the cover's weak magnets; when closed the front cover can move. 
  • If you do not mind holding the Oasis bare then a sleeve is a good option to cover the device when travelling. The Amazon Basics eight-inch sleeve, not technically a third party accessory, fits the Oasis perfectly and provides adequate padding. The eight-inch sleeve also fits the Oasis with a case on. 
  • Fintie is another manufacturer that produces Kindle cases. I haven’t tested the cover and so can’t judge its quality. One issue that put me off is the cover’s padded vinyl feel. 
A final point: I would avoid any case with straps, even if advertised compatible with the Oasis. The main issue is the design of the Oasis with one end being thicker. At the thinner end, the straps cover the bottom corners of the screen.

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